Interactive White Boards

Writing and display boards
An interactive whiteboard (IWB), is a whiteboard that connects to a computer and projector. The projector projects the image of desktop onto the board's surface from which users can control the computer with an electromagnetic pen/stylus. The board is generally mounted on the wall or on a stand. With the interactive whiteboard, you can add, edit, delete and store changes made on the board in your computer as if the board is a touch screen computer. Images from the Internet can also be displayed on the Interactive Board making it a very dynamic training medium.
Interactive Whiteboard combines a range of exciting, high quality learning tools that transform classrooms, lecture halls or conference centers into “Interactive 21st Century Learning Spaces”. With this solution, schools can advance by leaps and bounds and children can unleash their learning potential. Teachers and students can deliver their ideas in interactive ways, overturning the boring environment of traditional classrooms; whilst retaining students’ attention and motivating their enthusiasm.
We, at Central Trading are committed to providing reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions for educational institutions as well as corporate offices. We also setup Digital Classrooms.

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